Helping communities in a changing world

About us

ArcticNorth Consulting was established by Dr. James Ford and Dr. Tristan Pearce to assist communities, governments, and industry adapt to a changing climate. Drs. Ford and Pearce are award winning scientists with extensive experience working with communities, governments, NGOs, and Indigenous peoples across Canada and internationally on climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning. In particular, ArcticNorth works together with community and industry partners to integrate multiple sources of information including traditional and local knowledge, and western scientific knowledge to develop inclusive and comprehensive understandings of climate change impacts and adaptations.

Their work has been disseminated in scholarly journals, books, policy reports, and major national and international publications (e.g. IPCC Fourth Assessment Report). Together with a network of leading scientists, and community partners, ArcticNorth brings innovation, expertise, and professionalism to every project.