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Dr. Lea Berrang-Ford

Dr. Lea Berrang Ford

Dr. Lea Berrang Ford is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at McGill University. With academic degrees in Geography, Environmental Change, and Epidemiology, her research focuses on the environmental determinants of global health and infectious disease. She has worked extensively on the social and environmental determinants of sleeping sickness in Uganda, and more recently on the health impacts of climate change. Her interests focus on infectious, vectorborne and zoonotic diseases, particularly using spatial analysis and mixed-methodologies. She has published extensively and is the co-editor of the recently published Springer book, “Adaptation in Developed Nations: from theory to practice.” Dr. Berrang Ford currently coleads an international, interdisciplinary research team investigating vulnerability and adaptation to the health effects of climate change among remote Indigenous populations in Peru, Uganda, and the Canadian Arctic, funded by the IDRC/Tri-Council IRIACC program. Her current research also explores global determinants of emerging disease, and development of innovative methodologies for climate change adaptation tracking.

  • Role Core team member