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Frank Duerden

Frank Duerden is a Professor Emeritus in the Department Geography at the University of Victoria. He has long standing interest and practical experience in the field of land and resource issues in northern and rural regions. He has advised a number of First Nations on a wide range of land and resource issues, and worked on land claims and land-use planning in northern Canada on environmental assessment in British Columbia, on Maori resource rights, and on land-use planning in northern Russia. He has written on sustainable development in northern Canada, northern land–use planning, land-claims, and economic development, and applications of geo-technology. Recently he has investigated community impacts of climate change in the Mackenzie Beaufort region, Yukon mining sector, and is currently involved in assessing community vulnerabilities to climate change in the Yukon. His primary interest is in applied research and the translation of concepts and ideas to the world of application.
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