Helping communities in a changing world

Dr. Tristan Pearce

Dr. Tristan Pearce (Ph.D., M.A., B.A.)

Ph.D., M.A. University of Guelph
B.A. University of Northern British Columbia

Dr. Pearce is a CRN Fellow with the Sustainability Research Centre at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). His research focuses on the human dimensions of global environmental change, in particular the vulnerability and adaptation of communities and socio-ecological systems to climate change. This involves working with people in communities to document how environmental challenges, including climate change, translate to affect livelihoods, culture, and wellbeing and adaptation options. He has undertaken this research throughout northern Canada, and in partnership with Inuit communities and is initiating new research with Pacific Island Countries and Aboriginal communities in Australia. Dr. Pearce has a particular interest in building partnerships with Indigenous peoples and integrating traditional and local knowledge in adaptation research.

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